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Music by Tyrone Jackson:

“I’m not really all that inventive in the musical sense – I use loops and bits from other games (though I deny involvement if anyone actually checks my “bios”). What I do love is a good dramatic score and this came about easily after the game was released. A lot of the game is quite dark, a lot of the music will reflect this and I wanted it to be as dark as it could possibly be. It’s a bit more “Jaws” than “Jaws: The Revenge” but that’s quite normal.” Tyrone Jackson

Theme by H. Roy:

“The title piece was made originally for a game called “Space Maniacs” that was going to be made for the Commodore 64. This game never appeared but I have created a related soundtrack which has (of course) gone the way of all electronic music and adapted itself to the current Windows era. I originally made the soundtrack for the Space Maniacs sequel game called “Captain Manic” which also never saw the light of day. However, the music I made for the original game, “Space Maniacs” got taken up for Gimmick in the Chaos Dimension so here is my tribute to that game.” H. Roy

by John M. Varley

Track Listing:

1. Gimmick in the Chaos Dimension (Main Theme)

2. Mistress in the Sand (Main Theme)

3. Perilous Moon

4. Gremlin Posing As Queen

5. The Ghost Dance

6. The Wailing of the Prince

7. The Wait for Flight

8. By the Creature

9. Reaction of the Hostess

10. Rendezvous In The Swamp

11. The Touch of the Witch

12. End of the Groove

13. The Gimmickman

14. The Homecoming

15. The Call of the Spirits

16. The Getaway

Download A Sample of the Game’s Soundtrack:


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I saw the advertisement about this in GameFan, and you posted the cover in the trailer. Great job! Hopefully one day we will all own a copy of


Hyspherical 2 Features Key:

  • Based on the true events.


Hyspherical 2 Free [32|64bit] [Latest-2022]

Pikmin 3 is the thrilling sequel to Pikmin 2. Play as Captain Olimar once again in a brand new adventure with his sea-going band of undersea explorers on the faraway tropical island of Karambwan. Help the Pikmin team on their quest to safeguard the island!
This game supports English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian.
Please note that the game does require OS 6.0 or later and a powerful CPU.
English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and Ukrainian.

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What's the default time out when you post a comment to a blog post?

When I used the Twitter website to make an account, I had to wait a minute before I could tweet, is there a default time before I can post a comment to a blog post? If yes, is it customizable for users?


Default time is 5 minutes. It can be adjusted at Administration->Settings->Time Settings.
You can define the time in terms of comments as well.
At the bottom, there is a textbox labelled "Interval".

Milo Micikevicius

Milo Micikevicius (born 30 January 1984) is a Lithuanian former professional footballer who played as a midfielder.

He started his career at Žalgiris Vilnius and was loaned out to Politechnika Częstochowa for the 2006–07 season. In the summer of 2007 he transferred to Jagiellonia Białystok.


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Hyspherical 2 Activation Code

Gameplay Gem Rush is a board game released in 2011 by UK-based independent game company Stately Play. The game is based on the text-only, traditional gaming card, featuring 9 customizable roles: control, rock, unlock, use, create, extend, level, gem and gate.

The game also has 9 game phases: set up, create, use, create, activate, activate, switch, switch and victory. Players are intended to use all 9 game phases. The game uses a deck of randomly drawn cards to develop the game. Every player (except for the "Master") starts with 12 cards. During the game, each player adds to the deck by drawing from a shared deck of cards and then discarding the drawn card back into the shared deck. Players can also discard cards from their own deck to create an opponent's draw.

Gameplay Gem Rush is a worker placement game that involves player-led creation and use of innovative artificial intelligence robots that players direct to perform tasks and transport resources around a galactic map. The games rules are simple, and intuitive.

Each player has their own personal computer player AI that interacts with the game world via the computer screen, to provide and interpret player input commands, such as "move" and "create". These AI commands are known as the AIDictates. AI responsibilities are assigned to the AIDictate of each player on game turn.

AI are not provided with instructions to develop a plan, but they do have the ability to think about the consequences of their decisions.

The games cards are designed as a resource, and help the AI to perform its duties. A copy of the cards must be present in the AI's brain, or the cards will be ignored. The use of cards is also governed by the AIDictates. Cards are more than just resources, they carry game rules, like "destroy", or "transfer", "add", "meld", etc. A good game of Gem Rush requires high card intelligence.

Each AI is defined by a unique player name, gender, and inventory. The AI is then assigned a character role: control, unlock, push, transfer, destroy, create, create gate, level and gem. These character roles are played on a grid with a low "density" of creatures, gems and debris.

GameplayA Gem Rush is a board game designed to test the mettle of the players, or "gem crafters" in this first person view game. The objective is


What's new in Hyspherical 2:

Iizuka, former assassin and the player's best friend.He is an extremely greedy and devious person, he tries to take advantage of other people and has a list of items that he wants off.His main weapon of choice is the Sledgehammer.His posture signifies of confidence, he has a cool stance, he wants to win at all cost, and is a genius with weapons.Hilarious to be around when he's tricked someone or fooled, especially if he's a "1337er".His element is Earth.Never Stand Alone: Raidou wouldn't like somebody taking on his job. The Japanese word, "Nemuresu," literally "The1337erwho does not stand alone," and "killing dogs for fun" or "ruining dogs for fun" more literally translates to "The1337er who doesn't stand alone." Lord Raidou's motive is to be the one who kills the target without interference. Because of this, he is able to kill Kain and various DoA characters.In addition, when Kain puts Raidou's emotions to the side, Raidou seems to be able to understand humans, so he can often joke and seem charming, even to their enemies.

Game Master: Arle Kissu (Friend of Kain). Raidou is partly adept at Gami RPGs, and he is able to give advice to Akuma the Hero.

Goodguy: Ruka and En is one. He dislikes the Sledgehammer, and the personality of his motions is very soft, which makes him look to be weak, but in reality is a very cool and devious person.

Hacker: Steef is able to hack into computers from a chip implanted in his arm. Kain suggests that Arle was able to make a mod on Pokémon Red to remove all the Pokéblocks, and that the elemento Z can set down the entire Pokémon world on his orders, so that he can be free to do as he wishes for all times.

Hero: A perfect clone of Raidou, created by Raidou himself.

Karma Eater: Unwittingly kills the Clone of Raidou in order to stop Arle after the Battle.

Minor Character: As is fitting of the 1337er, he has few lines and is easily neutralized when defeated.

Nemurer: The 1337er that does not stand alone.

No Means No: Although he is capable of controlling the DoA


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You’re a player. You’re the best of the best.
Goblin Horde is a co-op dungeon crawling game, where up to 4 players try to gather more loot than the rest of the team! Don’t worry if your friend is better at mashing buttons to throw knives – you’ll be able to share your god-abilities with them! Together you’ll be able to stack them for powerful boosts in combat, so you can get more hits, fight for longer, and take down the big bosses.
The game is procedurally generated, so each playthrough will be different. Every room, every boss, every enemy will be unique – there will never be more than one copy of a room! Each level will also have a progression system, based on how long you have played.
Co-operative Online Multiplayer Dungeon Crawler
Procedurally Generated Levels, Environments and Monsters
Weapon Upgrades
Armor Upgrades
Expanding Loot System
Stacking: Goblins have a special „god-ability“, and can share buffs with other goblins by carrying him on their shoulders.
Goblin Heroism: Kill entire goblin hordes to get their loot!
Stunningly Beautiful Graphics & Sound
Play Your Way
Choose from Single, 2-Player, or 4-Player online co-op mode
Online Leaderboards
See which player's harvested the most loot!

The Platinum Edition of this roguelike-adventure of shame is here!
The Cynosure is an amazing RTS set on the steaming Exalted Plateau – a mountainous, volcanic region, covered in natural wonders and rich in the wealth to be plundered.
The only problem is, there are other people trying to do the same.
We’re going to need to work together if we ever want to salvage something from this f’ing mess. But first we need to figure out who is responsible for it all.
You are responsible.
We all are.
A Diamond Edition of The Cynosure is also available.

The Platinum Edition of this roguelike-adventure of shame is here!
The Cynosure is an amazing RTS set on the steaming Exalted Plateau – a mountainous, volcanic region, covered in natural wonders and rich in the wealth to be plundered.
The only problem is, there are other people trying to do the same


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