IGO Primo 2.4 !NEW! Full Europe Maps Torrent 🤟🏼

IGO Primo 2.4 !NEW! Full Europe Maps Torrent 🤟🏼


IGO Primo 2.4 Full Europe Maps Torrent

on receiving intelligence of the confusion in england and of the advance of stephen of blois into north wales, henry hastily left caen, hurried to dover, and crossing over to france, hurried back to caen. [263] the bishops of worcester and london were attacked as they issued from the cathedral with their three attendants and two chaplains, [264] and the archbishop of york and his partisans were ready to rush forth to the defence of their archbishop. [265] they all three being at first summoned to meet at the episcopal palace in canterbury, stephen and his party held their peace, watched the proceedings, and left the place without any attempt on their part to force the passage of the other party. [266] the bishops and their party reached canterbury between the middle and the end of february, and then proceeded in state to the palace of their antagonist at the north gate, carrying with them the insignia of their order and of their priesthood. [267] the archbishop, unable to defend his own house, submitted to stephen, and the royal chaplains were sent to rome to intercede for the reconciliation of the rival parties.

the council met in a frame of mind different from that in which the first met at oxford, and, so far as the prelates themselves were concerned, it proceeded to the most solemn condemnation of the archbishop of york and all his partisans. [268] it consisted of a papal legate, the archbishops of york and gloucester and other bishops, and the clergy of the land.

observant persons in the land may have detected a bitter irony in the superscription, [255] and perhaps some degree of disappointment in the expatients who, having accepted the invitation at the bishops hands, had been led to expect the ordinary working of their own ecclesiastical machinery. had the only authentic clergy of the district been in its own diocese and consequently beyond henrys control, this disappointment might have been excusable; but the bishops episcopal vicars, laymen like henry himself, had openly and through long practice submitted to his own authority, and even had received ordination and consecration from him alone. the bishops v. could make themselves only a mouthpiece of his will; and it had been made clear to them from the outset that of all their possessions not one was to be regarded as their own. [254] in this position they had only one course left open to them ; and this, while it involved the sacrifice of all their own office, was the one that would render the most certain and the best service to the king. [255]

he took the straightest and the surest road for reaching the french capital. through sluys and dordrecht he marched straight past william iis fair domains in the fertile province of holland and joined louis at bruges. [225] louis was on the point of being crowned king of germany by a german emperor, but henry was aware of his danger, and determined to keep clear of all the southern princes until after the marriage of the emperor s son frederick the handsome with the king of england s daughter margaret. [227] the result of this meeting was a declaration of the respective rights of the two monarchs over the dependent towns of the empire, and a agreement to the effect that every town which had submitted to the germans would hereafter receive the submission of the french. [228] it was agreed that henry should reign over the whole of the lands from the seine to the vistula, and that the emperor should rule those between the vistula and the sea. louis was thus encouraged to secure for his son the succession to the possessions in germany which had been the inheritance of henry s father; and a powerful party which had never been willing to accede to the general wish was brought to consent to the connexion. [229] the annulment with fontainebleau had therefore been a fortunate stroke of diplomacy; but at the price of forfeiting many petty victories, and of exposing his cousins in germany to large and repeated disappointments. the final settlement of the german question was not published in writing till the death of louis, [230] and the work of securing his domains in france and germany was reserved for his son frederic ii. [231]