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Bennie's Nightmare

Bennie's Nightmare is a 1988 short Australian horror film directed by Jake Johnson and starring Robert Mollard, Peter Fonda, and Sue Kwinig. The film was shot in Adelaide and produced by Terry Curtis-Smith, who also co-wrote the screenplay with his wife, Christine.

The residents of a run-down house in Adelaide have their lives turned upside down when a crazed psychopath starts snatching children. The demon eventually targets a little boy named Bennie.

Peter Fonda as Bennie
Sue Kwinig as The Little Girl
Annette Kolb as Little Girl's Mother
Robert Mollard as Uncle Louie
Bill Rogers as Bennie's Father
Vicki Sena as Bennie's Mother
Alison Pepper as Vicki
Bryan Brown as Dracula
Lyle Tattersall as Dr. Dabowski
Phil Pinto as Mr. Rockwell
Mark Towns as Mr. Mitchell
Trent McInnes as Mr. Steiner
Jeremy Marshall as Mr. Brink
Candy Barreiro as Mr. Salas
Jim Harman as Mr. Barnaby
Scott Mitchell as Mr. Russell
Norman Killea as Mr. Pieterson
Neil Pasco as Mr. Zha
John McDougall as Mr. Levy
Peter Henne as Detective
Geoff Murphy as Detective

Most of the production was completed in Australia with the remaining scenes shot in the United States. The same week the original film was released, its sequel Bennie's Bloodbath was released.


On Rotten Tomatoes the film has an approval rating of 89% based on 4 reviews.


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