Luxology Model Bashing Kit For Modo ⏭

Luxology Model Bashing Kit For Modo ⏭

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Luxology Model Bashing Kit For Modo

here you'll be introduced to a new vr function in modo bashing kit which is called as adaptive subdivision quads. this function in modo allows the subdivision of your mesh depending on the distance of the camera, it can be an amazing technique to get better accuracy in your models. in order to use it, you just need to select a mesh, open the subdiv tool in the tools palette, select the adaptive subdivision quads option and set the number of subdivisions depending on the camera's distance.

how to make the curved objects on the rocks round smoothly? using the subdivision surface modifier, give a little extra roundness to your rock faces. the modifier is available in the shading category. select the main mesh you want to modify and open the modifiers panel on the right.

use unwarp method to lock the camera to a specific object. this way you can use the same camera position for your model for all the viewport and gives the feeling that the camera is hovering over the model. just select one or more models and open the camera panel on the right.

there are three ways to see through meshes. in morphing, the textures on the selected meshes are blended with each other. this way, you can see through meshes in a flattened or similar way. in the context of this tutorial, you will use a new option called thickness, which creates a distance from the other meshes that you can see through. this option creates a transparent plane through the selected meshes. both options are available on the texture layers menu.

to use this image as an image mask for the diffuse color, in the layers pallete, double-click the layer called vintage and choose the image option. set the color option to multiply, the opacity to 50% and the blend mode to multiply. duplicate the layer, and rename it instruction so you'll be able to move it. select the layer called extrusion, double-click it, and bring up the properties palette. check the shape fill option. set the layer to multiply and color to multiply. finally, duplicate the layer, and change the color to white and the blend mode to multiply.
next, create a new document in photoshop using the size you prefer. here, i used a 1024x1024 image and saved it as bashing kit.psd. using the layer shape from the previous step, draw a star. save it as a star mask. to use the star as a mask, make sure the layer is selected, go to color > fill type, and choose screen. set the mode to multiply and opacity to 50%.
drag the bashing kit and instruction layers on the instruction layer to cover the star. the two layers will overlaps each other because the star is in the middle, but this is a good thing, because it's will help to mask parts of the star where those parts have a specular color. as you can see, i masked the star with the star mask created in the previous step.