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May 25, 2016 - Microsoft Office Proofing Tools let you edit documents in other languages. . A security vulnerability exists in the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2016. The vulnerability allows a remote user to bypass security restrictions and gain access to files edited in 64-bit versions of Microsoft Office.
The vulnerability was fixed in the May 2016 Microsoft Security Update.
This vulnerability has been fixed in the 64-bit version of Microsoft Office 2016.
This fix was added in MS16-009.
The fix is ​​available in MS16-009 and MS16-016 .
This hotfix was released for Windows 7 SP1 and 8.

Open the.office2010 file and change the following values.
Click Tools-> Options and choose another. For example, I've used Office 2016.

Edit / Open Or Application AutoShowRangeCheck
Double-click ‘Prompt on’ and it will turn off the prompt for the checkbox you want.

Open / Or Application Auto Show Range Check
Choose Custom Range Check.
In the options box, choose your range you wish to check.
Click Toggle and it will check your range for any errors.

Click Toggle all

Open / or Application Auto Check Spelling
Choose check some of the spelling mistakes you want to correct.

Now that you’ve done all this, we have a very easy way to fix Proofing Tool in Microsoft Office.Q:

Should I put a line break after 'And' in a sentence?

Let's say I wrote:

Hello. I am and you are

What's the proper way to write that? Does a line break make a sentence more or less readable?


There's no hard and fast rule about this. In some cases, such as with really short ones, it does help to split the sentence out but if it's only one word or two then maybe not. Personally I'd use an em-dash here (--) but that's up to you.
If this is meant to be a sentence in itself, then it's fully grammatically correct to put a line break after the two words as a short, informal sentence should.


Saying that:

The statement, "Hello," was accompanied by a wave of its hand, and the hand was and the hand was.

Is not grammatically incorrect, but it just sounds awkward and I don't know how it would be read by a reader.
Using a period or a semicolon to make a pause between "and" and a full stop might work well:

Hello. I am, and you are.

The period or semicolon probably sounds less awkward.

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