Opel Vauxhall TIS2000 V116 0E 05 2011


Opel Vauxhall TIS2000 V116 0E 05 2011

i have cracked my tis2000 on both of my desktops and it works like a dream. i have even cracked my old manual notepad on my laptop to the same effect. so it seems as long as you have a install working version of xp or vista, you can install another version of tis2000 on there. so in short, im on my third copy of my tis2000 after hacking and i love it. i have yet to crack my tis2000 on my laptop, as i dont have the version of vista i originally installed. but i will soon and ill post a screen shot.

so theres two problems with the original tis2000 software. one is that the installer is required before the operating system itself will run. theres no problem with that if the os was already installed properly. but this version of tis2000 has a disc version of the os that is unzipped with the installer, so what we end up with is a disc version of the os and an installer version of the os. if the install disc doesnt work correctly (at least not my disc doesnt work correctly), the installer will corrupt the os.

[] tis2000 – the engine scan
when you press windows key + x (log off) you can run tis2000
the interface is very simple. you need to enter your opel name. select a full path to the folder tis2000. click continue.

mainly instructions for working with the different types of engines. the list of files (mainly information) classified by type of engine. many of these files are generated automatically when you are solving the system. this is the largest part of the installation program. the files that you need to generate and later use for the program are located in the directory opel (depending on the vin number). they are present in the various types of engines in the file p0023-xxxx.3 (but the letters may change).

For those of you with genuine copies of Windows 7 Professional, Enterprise, or Ultimate with a multi-core processor (who doesnt run Win7 on a multi-core these days); these versions of Windows 7 allow you to use Windows Virtual PC, which lets you virtually run Windows XP Pro without a disc or OS installation. You need to install Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC in order to use it. Before you can download these updates, M$ makes you run a little.exe that checks if your OS install is legitimate. Anyway, after you get that all installed and XP Mode is booted, you can copy the OPs cracked TIS2000.zip over to the WinXP Desktop and follow the README.txt inside to install it. Here is a link with the cracked TIS2000 I have tested this on my desktop running Windows 7 Ultimate 64-bit and the cracked copy of TIS2000 the OP posted installed and ran with no problems. Instructions for Win7 XP Pro virtualization mode here:
Windows 7 32-bit virtualization is not compatible with Windows XP Mode. Please read the FAQ for information about this. In order to use this version of TIS2000 on Windows 7 32-bit you need to run the program in Windows XP mode on a real Windows XP computer.
How to install on Windows 7 Pro 64-bit. Open Windows Explorer, then copy OPs cracked TIS2000.zip into C:Documents and Settingsuname. Using Windows Explorer (right-click and choose "Copy to"): Open up "My Computer". Navigate to \Documents and Settings, then to uname. Right-click on this folder, choose the "Send to" menu, and then choose "Compressed (zipped) Folder". Now double-click on the compressed folder with OPs TIS2000.zip and choose "Extract Files" from the "File" menu. Choose the default "Extract here" option and then hit "OK". To then open the extracted files, follow the instructions in the README.txt file inside. Choose "OK" after each step. To shut down the extraction process, right-click on the folder with OPs TIS2000.zip and choose the "Send to" menu. Choose "C:Documents and Settingsuname". In the "Compress" menu, choose "Compress" - and then choose the "Alternate Compression" option. Choose "NONE" and then choose "OK". Double-click on the opened C:Documents and Settingsuname. In the menu, choose "Create New" and then choose "Shortcut". Type "TIS2000" and then hit the "Create" button. This will open TIS2000. Now right-click on TIS2000 and choose "Properties". In the properties, under the "Target" tab, set "Target path" to C:Documents and Settingsuname. Then, in the "Startup" tab, set "Startup folder" to C:Documents and Settingsuname. Hit "OK". Now hit "File" and then "Close". Open it again, and it should be working now. To exit, close the program completely. You can do this by either clicking "X" from the program's main window or by choosing "Exit" from the program's main menu.