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Generic referencing with Generic type

I'm using the Generic library by Luciano Varesano.
I made a class that parses an XML file.
// file parser
class XMLReader: Parser {

func read() -> [Collection>>>]]? {
let parent = NSXMLParser()
let locale = Locale(identifier: "pt-BR")

parent.delegate = self
return parent.parser.source.isEmpty? nil : parent.parser.source as? [Collection>>>]

I then use it with an XML data like this

The pragmatic method seeks to break the vicious circle of thinking in terms of belief, and as we have seen, inductive and deductive thinking arise from two different emotions.

This works fine for this XML String.
let xml = "" +
"" +
"" +
"Pragmatism" +
"The pragmatic method seeks to break the vicious circle of thinking in terms of belief, and as we have seen, inductive and deductive thinking arise from two different emotions." +
"" +

Now I

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