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From the makers of the unsettling indie horror title Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs comes Slender: The Arrival, a survival horror game centered on one simple goal: Remain alive.
BRENDEN FRANK and the team at Blue Isle Studios have been carefully crafting their debut title since 2009, and the first-person horror title is finally ready to be seen. If you are brave enough to face a night in the woods alone, prepare to soon experience a waking nightmare of a different kind.
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End Screen / Game Menu music: Theme
“A Walk in the Park” by Kevin MacLeod (
License: CC BY (



We’ve finally got a new Slender game, and it’s fully playable!

Slender Man is still the big bad evil. Whether you want him or not, you can’t escape his presence.

Slender: The Arrival is an excellent game which has you explore the forests, complete the puzzles and hunt down the slendriders (tentacles if you will). I really enjoyed the game but I personally felt the ending was a little rushed. You’ll need to solve a bunch of puzzles in the forest so as to open the next area, and after you open the next area, the final boss appears and puts you to the ultimate test. The game ends in a fair way, but I’m not sure it was the right way to put an ending.

I recommend the game, if you’re into horror/walking games. It is the first game in the new Slender series and they’ve been making the games for a while, so you know there will be a story behind the endings.

I'm sorry, I don't understand. How can Slender: The


Slender: The Arrival Soundtrack Features Key:

  • Official Music and Soundtrack
  • Voice Acting
  • Full Track List:




    Slender: The Arrival Soundtrack Activation Free [Latest] 2022

    This is the official soundtrack for the horror survival game, Slender: The Arrival. The game soundtrack has been composed by Mark J Hadley and is part of Blue Isle Studios official soundtrack series. It is arranged and produced by Brenden Frank, and the album features full game sound effects and introduction, and all of the songs are performed by Mark J Hadley. The release has been written and performed by Brenden Frank for the very first time, and the entire soundtrack is created entirely in a very professional way and shows a huge improvement from his previous game work. You can buy the game and try out the DLC in your browser here:


    Curse of the Raven - Beast of the Isle - Dedicated to all the naughty girls from the Isle.

    The Second part of the "Isle of Eshin" series will arrive in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!

    If you haven't played the original, it is one of the best horror games ever released on PC and here is why: A first-person horror game with an interesting storyline and atmosphere, good graphics and a great sound design, all set in a not too well-seen fictional setting.

    But now the game has sold more than a million copies and has won many "best of" awards.


    So they decided to make a sequel: "Ghost Killer Island"!

    What I like about the game is that there is everything here to make it a good sequel: New setting (there is a new location), new characters and new gameplay mechanics.

    Since it was released on Steam I have been playing it almost every day (and I don't play this kind of games frequently, but this one is really good!).

    What I didn't like:

    It is a sequel.

    But, I don't think that's a big issue, since the game doesn't get you anywhere, doesn't have a story worth a mention (if you didn't play the first one, you will love it!).

    It lacks polish.

    The very first screens look great, but later on, since that is an island, things are very 'blocky'. I'm not sure why they decided to take the road of combining 2D with 3D graphics, since it didn't look good at all and the game was too hard to


    Slender: The Arrival Soundtrack With Keygen Download [Win/Mac]

    Slender Man is a recurring character appearing in a series of terrifying video game stories. His vague, tall figure can be glimpsed in the margins of visions, the windows of cars, and at the end of hallways. For Slender Man to be seen, those who see him must first enter the forest. Players must decide whether to go in or stay in the safety of their own homes or apartments. If Slender Man is seen in the forest, he will follow the player, as well as their friends.
    Game "Slender: The Arrival Soundtrack" Release Date:In Theaters

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    What's new:


    A downer...

    Ranked: 31 out of 30

    Wednesday, February 28, 2014 - 18:26

    Slender: The Arrival is a game that came out on February 19th and is coming from the same team that produced the Silent Hill series, Konami. So, while the old man Silver Eye has been added to the company and showed his personality in the likes of Metal Gear Solid V (pictured above) and what not, it seems like heís added yet another title under his showmanship belt. Slender, which was actually a tech demo that was never released, was developed right around the time when Konami was in a struggle for its life and fans can tell by looking at the game. Itís not surprising to see him coming out with a new game when he is making yet another developer as well as series, but since getting acquired by his bae Konami and even his old man Silver Eye itís starting to feel old.

    Slender: The Arrival follows the same formula of any popular horror game where you play as a survivor after an apocalyptic event. It seems that you lose the game after a few moments of gameplay and thus starts a DLC that is called The Arrival. You play as a television reporter and the story is about how strange individuals start to appear in your town. An by this I mean that they are not zombies that run around as in other horror movies and games, but they are just what they are named: Strangers. When you see this strange individual approaching you might start to panic and sometimes you can do nothing but hide somewhere. The characters introduced are a childlike, red-furred, Adawe Black, a mature elderly woman with long blue hair, a young teenage girl with her hair in pigtails with a rather disgusting pigperson, a sixthyte summer and a 6th brown haired boy who sounds like an impish child.

    Slender took more than half a year to develop and came with the design of staying completely out of view of the player. If I remember correctly there was a few moments where you had a chance to listen to the sounds of the individuals but they never know you are there. Thereís still a possibility that you can encounter them even though you are not seen and you can even play their game. However, I do not think anyone wanted to.

    After you complete The Arrival a new protagonist will take over the town of Barbrook and he will make you question your morals


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    System Requirements For Slender: The Arrival Soundtrack:

    * Please ensure that your video card is powerful enough to support the software.
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    * Please ensure that you have enough free disk space (free space required for installation: 40 GB minimum).
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    * Windows Vista or later is required.
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    * Intel Core 2 Duo


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