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In the Intelliseer vertical is recorded a serial number, that will. you may handle it with bare hands, but should not be left exposed to the sun for prolonged periods.. Common to all mBots in the Series are the following .Philadelphia Phillies: Dispelling the Myths, Debunking the Assumptions

Hi, everyone, and welcome to this month’s PhilliesNation Daily. I’m here to cover a lot of different topics, including the offseason, the recent signing of Utley, and more. The biggest piece of news right now, though, is the news that Chase Utley has an 8.1% chance of earning a second term, which makes sense when you consider that he’s the longest-tenured player on the team.

Once he retires, I’ll be doing more PhilliesNation Daily, but I also want to start writing pieces about Phillies prospects and what they’re up to. Check out yesterday’s post for more, and I’ll have more to contribute as time goes on.


As the scouting director of the San Diego Padres, Mike Vorkunov was one of the first professionals to take an interest in

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