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Editing an image with multiple layers

Most digital photos have many layers of digital information on them. Photoshop uses layers to segment your original image and prepare it for editing. To understand how Photoshop uses layers, take a look at Figure 4-5.

Figure 4-5: A JPG file with two layers.

Layers can be added, moved, and otherwise manipulated by using the four-way navigation buttons. Click the next image to see how the layers are added, deleted, grouped, and named.

The image on the right in Figure 4-5 is the

Top 20 Photoshop Camera Raw Presets Free Download Crack Download

Download: Photoshop Elements - Link

How to Use Photoshop Elements

Photoshop Elements is free for 30 days to use, download and test.

How to download?

The download link is on the page Photoshop Elements page.

How to install?

You will be redirected to a link you can download.

The installation file will install a software Photoshop Elements on your hard drive.

Note: Mac users, it is advised to use Safari on the Mac to access the link to download the installer.

How to activate?

After you have installed Photoshop Elements you will be asked to activate it.

Once you have activated you can sign in to Photoshop Elements and use the software.

How to set up?

You have two options to set up your software:

1. With a USB flash drive

Download the software onto your USB flash drive.

Restart your computer and select your USB drive from your boot order.

When prompted to open the software image file you downloaded, click Open.

You will be prompted to insert your Flash Drive

Click Install on the window that will open.

Wait until the software has installed.

Click Yes when the message appears to continue installation.

Click Finish when you are ready to finish.

When you run Photoshop Elements, you will be asked if you want to activate a new license and then to set up your computer.

How to Activate a New Photoshop Elements License

1. Open the main screen and find the License Manager.

2. Click the Upgrade button located at the bottom right of the screen.

3. Click to continue the Upgrade process.

4. You will be asked for your name and email and then an active license key will be assigned to you.

5. Click the Finish button when done.

If you need a new password you can click Change Password.

You can find the user manual by clicking Help.

Please, note that your computer will be set up to activate the new license automatically every time you run Photoshop Elements.

How to set up your system

Please follow the instructions given below.

1. Choose this option to log into the Adobe Help Center.

2. Enter your email address and password to log in.

3. Click Sign In to link to the version page.

4. Click the link that will

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