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Changing the position of items in a ModelBuilder loop

I would like to ask for some advice on how to move around the items in a loop without having to add dummy points. I am using the 'extract by expression' and 'add field' tools to move around the points. I would like the ordering of the points to be:

only extract the points in the centre of the contour
extract the points to a new point layer
add field to a new point layer

In ArcMap the fields are ordered like this:


If you only need to move about the points and don't want to get into the definition of some of your inputs (like contours for example) you can use the Reorder tool.
Reorder docs
Here's the Reorder tool in action:

When I first downloaded this tool, I had a few problems which I thought were with the tool, but in fact I was (a bit) misunderstanding the tool.
It is not possible to use two separate inputs to Reorder as this creates an array of copies of your inputs, but it is possible to use an array for the output so you can control the order in which the points are output.
As you can see above, I have turned my original point layer into a point layer with no geometry as I need a geometry free point layer. I have also generated a point based on the centroid coordinates of the point layer.
Then I have selected the point layer and the centroid point geometry and used the Reorder tool and dragged the centroid point, the original point layer and point layer with no geometry to the array layer and hit OK.
The points in the array

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