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If youre looking for a game that doesnt seem like a mindless shooter, one that puts the fun back into a genre, then Phoenix Point is well worth your time. Achieving this unlikely feat of making the genre the way it should be again is no mean feat, but its not one without considerable polish and talent.

I run toward the shot, then jump to a second cart, and she shoots it up, knocking two supporters off it. Together, we would have been fine. We should have been fine. She hesitates, then lunges forward, aiming in my direction. The game time freezes for an instant, time trickling a bit, the sound of bullets whistling across the shot, ringing on the ground, a metallic crack. And then the motion resets, back into play.

At this point, its right to stop thinking about Rise of the Tomb Raiders third sister game, Tomb Raider, because Tomb Raider: Legend is not about the legacy or failure of the first two games, but instead, about returning to the roots of the series and modernizing what fans loved about the franchise.

So its safe to say thats where Phoenix Point sits right now. Its a perfect specimen of what a procedurally-generated turn-based strategy game can look like, but it gets it even further from civ than just going to Ultimas world map terrain and pulling up four planet tiles. To its credit, Firaxis has taken some of the best features from the board game and used them to craft an excellent experience. Theyve got a ton of smart ideas. However, after stepping into their cracks, it looks like theyll be happy to take their whole experience and blend it with the XCOM universe.

According to the team, company executives have been making big investments in AI software tools for companies to automate, create and analyze data. The developments are already being used to enable self-driving cars and trucks and smart factories, according to their report. The startup wants to teach its AI to be able to design new hardware systems, according to its website. Even its AI partner Nest Guard uses a camera to learn when users are present by using the device in the home. The new device will then pause when the user is present so that cleaning can begin. This will make the phone smarter, because it will start to learn if the owners leave the house.
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