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WebTitan For Windows 10 Crack is a comprehensive security application for businesses and home users that offers security, control and management services. In addition to an effective web filtering service, the program provides antivirus and antispam protection, allows you to manage users, and allows you to block access to certain websites.
Its various features include the following:
WebTitan Crack Mac allows you to protect against viruses and spyware, prevent users from accessing inappropriate content on the Internet, block websites based on your organization's needs and even manage users.
WebTitan Description:
WebTitan is a comprehensive web filtering software that provides users with a comprehensive web filtering solution that protects you against malware and other Internet threats such as spyware and viruses.
This means that users will be protected from known and unknown threats on the Internet.
WebTitan allows you to manage users and block websites based on your organization's needs. Additionally, you are able to monitor and track web activity and analyze and manage site preferences.
WebTitan Features:
WebTitan Features:

Effective web filtering technology that protects users from malware, spyware and viruses;
WebTitan allows users to manage and control their Internet use by blocking websites based on their preferences or organization's needs.
Blocking of websites, including the homepage, is easily achieved with the click of a button;
Advanced filtering technology, offering you the option to block websites based on the URL, domain name or keywords;
Analyzes user actions, such as how often and how long users browse a specific website, for example, the homepage, and includes a comprehensive report on this data;
Users are able to access blocked websites by activating a proxy or proxy settings;
Protection against viruses and spyware, as WebTitan gives you the option to install a full antivirus solution or a sandbox solution;
Allows you to monitor user activity and block the browsing of websites;
Allows you to set up different home pages and set different default web sites and web pages for different users.
WebTitan does not alter the settings on your computer and is compatible with Windows and Mac OS X;
Allows users to register and view site preferences.

WebTitan is a comprehensive application that offers all the features of a web filter and much more. This way, users are able to protect themselves against malicious websites on the Internet, block websites based on their preferences and manage and control web activities.
WebTitan Specifications:
WebTitan Features:

Smart filter technology, that prevents

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WebTitan Crack Full Version (Updated 2022)

WebTitan allows you to protect your users and network from malware, viruses, spyware, phishing, spam, tracking and other threats. By using a WebTitan gateway, you will be able to block websites and domain names you don't want your users to visit. In addition, WebTitan provides anti-phishing features to prevent your users from being a victim of malicious attacks. You can also use the application to manage website filtering requests, quarantine infected websites and generate reports. WebTitan is an ideal tool for both home users and business networks.
- Filter websites
- Manage and identify websites your users want to visit
- Block websites your users don't want to visit
- Disable websites or domains you don't want your users to visit
- Use i-net Secure (a browser add-on) to protect against malicious URLs and phishing websites
- Track Internet activities
- View Internet access history for a particular user
- Stop tracking by third parties
- Generate reports
- Manage and monitor domains
- Ensure that only those users that are approved have access to your network
- Manage and control network access for a particular user
- Use Parental Control with WebTitan
- Block websites and domain names your users don't want to visit
- Protect against phishing attacks
- Restrict Internet access of the following users
- Track Internet activities
- Delete URLs
- Delete URLs in quarantine
- Provide remote support
- Temporarily unblock websites and domains

WebTitan is a comprehensive software that provides users with a complete web filtering gateway solution that protects you against malware and other Internet threats such as spyware and viruses. By using WebTitan, you are able to manage and protect your company's network, users and resources.
The aforementioned application can be used in both business and home environments. This way, you can prevent employee Internet abuse, block gambling or other inappropriate websites and keep your students safe while they navigate through the Internet.
WebTitan is an ideal solution as it offers highly effective web filtering capabilities, multiple automated reports and anti-phishing protection.
WebTitan allows you to protect your users and network from malware, viruses, spyware, phishing, spam, tracking and other threats. By using a WebTitan gateway, you will be able to block websites and domain names you don't want your users to visit. In addition, WebTitan provides anti-phishing features

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8
Processor: 1 GHz CPU, 1 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9 compliant and 64MB VRAM
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Sound Card: Microsoft® DirectX® compatible sound card
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Processor: 2 GHz CPU, 2 GB RAM
DirectX: Version 9.