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Ill be posting comments on here about which new sites I have stumbled upon that are doing things a little bit different. For example, a site that can have you upload your creations to a queue, and theyll go up on the site one by one for you to look at, rate, and review.
Wouldnt it be great to have those reviews done for you like that? Maybe. Maybe not. But anyway, I find this type of site very interesting and helpful for those of us new to the industry. In reality I cant help but feel like its a way for new people to get into the industry.
Ill be trying to get a site together just for myself to post reviews and games Ive been playing.
Also, if anyone has any input on the subject I would appreciate it.

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This site has one of the most user-friendly interfaces to search and download software. You can browse for the application you want and then download the paid version or the cracked version. It also has a unique feature to filter out the application according to the categories.