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TEXT2RDF Product Key is a domain specific knowledge extraction, knowledge management and knowledge sharing system. Its main function is to extract domain specific information from plain text. This information includes commercial, legal and financial content and link it with the appropriate domain-specific terms and keywords. TEXT2RDF maps each term and keyword to a specific ontology. It supports a variety of bi-directional mappings between the Text Mining and Ontology. Text2RDF supports the concept of object mapping and full ontology mapping. The ontology is a collection of relations between arbitrary things.
This information is stored in the proper domain-specific knowledge repository. The user can browse the information directly from the domain-specific knowledge repository.
Extracting text from documents
Accessing links to web services
Support for Link discovery
Full text search
N-Gram Text mining
Fuzzy Text mining
Stemming and Stop word removal
Ontology Mapping
JSON support
SOAP and REST Web services
Text mining
Text mining Query
Text mining export to XML
Embedded Database
Graph database
User management
PDF to Word converter
Security layer
How to install:
Download the binary of the TEXT2RDF software from the following link:
Extract the downloaded archives into your local machine.
Change your system path environment variable to access the external software system by typing “SET PATH=%PATH%;” in a command line.
Type: “TEXT2RDF-INSTALL.exe /e” to run the setup.exe of the software.
It is recommended that you create a separate user and install software under this user.
Upload the created configuration file “doxa-project-config.xml” to the working directory of the software and run it
Press “Start” button to import the stored documents into TEXT2RDF.
Complete the software installation process and start the software.

Knowledge Extraction
T2K extracts key terms from documents and creates semantic relationships between them. The document classification based on keywords can be used to categorize the documents in different levels. TEXT2RDF has advanced features to extract the text from the documents and extract relations from the extracted

TEXT2RDF Product Key [Win/Mac]

• This software converts unstructured text documents to RDF
• Provides an easy-to-use tool for information seekers to browse, search and
• Excerpting, analysing and summarizing document content.
• The software identifies text, entities and keywords that will be used
• for searching.

• The output of this software is represented in RDF

• It can be used as a Web service by other applications

• This is my first release. Please send feedback and comments to
• me at

• Latest news:

• License: GNU General Public License Version 2

• How to uninstall the software:

• To uninstall the software, run the uninstall application,
• Uninstall the associated folders in system and unregister the
•.jar file from the antivirus

• To uninstall the application with a GUI you should go to
• Control Panel – Programs – Uninstall a program,
• Find the location of the installation and uninstall the
• application.

• Environment:
• Platform independent and capable of running in all supported
• versions of Microsoft Windows.

Have you been looking for a quick way to generate HTML from RDF documents? Want to make your rdf document more human readable or something? You are not alone. Many people find it very interesting to have a human readable output from their machine readable documents.
The following link shows example of what you can get.
It is an open source project and free to use. The source code is also available.
Hope this helps.

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TEXT2RDF Crack Activation Code With Keygen Free Download


TEXT2RDF is a java-based text mining application that allows searching for common terms from a set of documents. It is designed to work with text documents like pages, emails and blogs, however, it can work also with plain files of any format.
The application offers a user friendly interface and uses several techniques like stemming, stopword removal, stemming and text filters to prepare the documents for text mining.
Documents can be searched by keywords, but this is not required. Instead, the application can be configured to identify and extract different sets of keywords. These sets can be grouped into a
single document for easier reading.
TEXT2RDF has extensive user control options, which make it configurable to a wide set of user needs. TEXT2RDF can be used as a desktop application that converts documents into RDF documents and publishes them on the internet, or to extract information from web documents and store it in a database.
Text documents can also be used as a basis for any queries to perform text mining in any type of text data. A query will only identify a set of relevant documents, but it will not make sense to the end users who will need to read them and follow the links to see their content.
TEXT2RDF Features:

– User friendly interface;
– Numerous controls, some of them configurable;
– Works with plain files of any format;
– Extensive user control options;
– Generates text documents and RDF documents from
web pages, emails and blog documents;
– Identifies and extracts different sets of keywords;
– User can edit keywords and related information;
– Semantic form of documents;
– Active indexing;
– Full content text search;
– RDF document publishing;
– It can be used as desktop application that converts documents into RDF documents;
– It can be used as a web service that reads the documents on the internet and extracts information;
– It can store information extracted from a web page in a database;
– It can be used for text mining in a specific domain;

What’s New In TEXT2RDF?

The information extraction engine can be initialized with several pre-defined lists ( or vocabularies) or customized with customized list of keywords.
Application Description:The application is designed to gather information from a website into a text file. After that it performs text mining from this file and creates a RDF document. In other words it gathers the semantics of this original file.
Other Applications:
Open source Text Mining Frameworks:
We also created a tool based on IKONA Text Mining framework( IKONA) for extracting an RDF document from a website’s text.

Java Open Knowledge Analayzer is a java based open source knowledge clustering framework.It was mainly developed for the Text Mining(TM) problem. As Open Source projects jKONA(jv) is the open source edition of KONA, jKONA(jv) works on the same principle. KONA also works on Web mining and as a clustering framework, we can analyze data in terms of text mining concepts like “topic extraction” “concentration”.There are many more tools available for Knowledge Visualization, like SPARQL Reasoning, Semantic Web and Linked Data Mining.

External links

Text mining
Category:Knowledge representationQ:

phpStorm Run File “usr/bin/phpstorm” doesn’t exist

I’m using PHPStorm 6.1.4 on Ubuntu 13.10, and on the file path it gives me “usr/bin/phpstorm”, it doesn’t exist on my computer.
I have tried:
– reinstalling
– updating
– deleting


Download the.deb from here : and run
dpkg -i phpstorm-6.0.3-linux.deb
sudo dpkg -i phpstorm-6.0.3-linux.deb
sudo apt-get -f install

Update to the latest version as you will be informed when installation starts.
NOTE: Make sure you have bash prompt setup.

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System Requirements:

Windows 7, 8 or 10, 64-bit
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.NET Framework 4.6
5 GB free space
Audio Interfacing System (AIS)
Internet connection
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