Whether for entertainment or educational reasons, today one can access multiple multimedia online resources, such as Flickr or Picasa. The Image Collector Portable is a lightweight and highly intuitive application that allows users to view and download such images from multiple built-in providers. These entries can be adjusted by installing themed plug-ins, which allow users a broader range of download options.
View JPGs and PNGs from online sources
Specifically, the standard package includes popular providers such as Flickr, HubbleSite, Picasa, 4Chan, Funny Junk, deviantART, and Imgur. A simple double mouse click action on these items allows users to fetch all the available standard or animated images; supported formats include JPGs, GIFs, and PNGs.
All the items grabbed by the application are displayed in an ample list, with large thumbnails. Besides the standard, “Tiles” layout a “Large Icons” option is available, allowing users to view the name of the picture. A dedicated, large viewer can be employed to display enlarged versions of the grabbed items.
Define several categories and transfer pictures to multiple destinations
The application can also transfer content, not only access it. This is performed by defining a new “Category”; this involves specifying a destination directory, where all the images transferred will be saved. One of the great features is that more than one category can be defined, thus allowing users a highly customized experience.
Several auxiliary functions are available to users, including the integrated option to search for an item on Google Images; also one can copy URL addresses to the Clipboard and selections can be hidden from sight with a function from the context menu.
The program connects to Flickr, 9GAG and Imgur and displays retrieved photos
In conclusion, The Image Collector Portable is a simple, but practical pictures grabber that can be valuable to anyone regularly browsing the Internet for funny or otherwise interesting photos.







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For starters, the application appears clean, simplistic, and easy to use. It installs quite smoothly and doesn’t require much hassle to get up and running. Installation is performed with the help of the portable app’s in-built setup routine. The process is quick, and once the application gets installed, a full desktop shortcut is created automatically.

The application appears as a new icon on your computer, and you can access your images by clicking on it. The interface is very simple, but functional. There is an ample list of thumbnails along with a tabbed menu to the left of the window, which consists of a plethora of functionalities. In the center of the window, you can manage the categories and see the contents of any category.

The top menu offers some simple functionalities, such as searching for images using a Google image search engine. It also offers the option of adding new categories, and one can upload new content manually. On the toolbar of the application, one can access a number of functionalities. One can select images and edit thumbnails. You can also download images to portable devices.

How to Use The Image Collector Portable Free Download

The process of organizing content inside the program is quite simple. Instead of being a keyboard driven endeavor, image crawling features are controlled through a mouse click. If you are all out of images, you can crawl anywhere using default settings. Also, if you are out of time for an image, or if you want to set images for a particular category, you can crawl through the setup interface.

The interface of the program is quite intuitive. You can change the order of the folders using the arranged icons. The application supports multiple themes, and enables you to customize the look and feel of the app. Image downloading features are activated with the help of a single mouse click.

Right away, you can access the Image Collector Portable interface. The file manager is quite handy, and you can access multiple thumbnails using the window. You can easily add new category icons and navigate through the folders and files. If you wish to copy links, you can access the option using the context menu.

The application stores all of your crawled images in a folder, which is the default location. The default location option may not suit all users. If you wish to view your images on your Windows desktop, you need to specify a different location. You can save the image to any of the following locations: Windows desktop, USB drive, DVD, and

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The Image Collector Portable Download With Full Crack is a lightweight and highly intuitive application that allows users to view and download funny photos from online sources. It provides a wide range of providers, both popular and non-standard, that offer a varied set of images. It is designed to run as a portable application, and can be launched from any memory stick, inserted into a CD-ROM drive or directly from a USB port.

Whoa! I have always been hard to photograph so I was really looking forward to spending a day with Don Jenkins & the E-Z GO! Photobooth!
Don has been a great guy to work with & he’s included many extras in this fun & portable package.

Don’s biggest contribution was the creation of an elegant solution for taking multiple 4×6 glossies from a roll-and-shoot.
This is especially appealing for me because we were in the middle of no where so getting a “good” shot is very hard!

I showed Don how to set up & use the U-Turning Auto focus.

We had a long talk about bringing in extras like a reverb knob & spring-loaded grip for holding still targets.

In the end, I had a chance to play with everything.
I took some really great shots, actually everything seemed to work great & I was so happy.
Don made the whole process easy & you couldn’t tell that I’m totally new to digital photography!

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The E-Z GO! Photobooth:
This was going to be Don’s latest invention. It all started when he demoed it at an event where they had a bunch of interesting products to show off.

The history of it goes back to one of his previous inventions, the Memory Maestro Photobooth.
His first device stored images from a series of photos he took, each image in turn being a cross-section of the entire picture.

All these images were then displayed as a 3D photo when he turned his head.

For the first kit Don did, it was only a color printer. Later they added

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An extraordinary application that can be used to download pictures from various online destinations. In total, users can download and view over 5000 photo and design related websites.
Features include:
Download pictures from over 5000 websites
An enormous collection of related photos
Integrated search engine to help users locate pictures
Option to ‘hide’ pictures you don’t want others to see
Fully customizable display options
Integrated news update service
And much more!
The Image Collector Portable requires a fast processor and RAM to run quickly and efficiently.

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What’s New in the?

The Image Collector Portable allows users to grab pictures from a number of online image sources, for example, internet, FTP servers, and many more. It provides an easy way to manipulate a single image by setting it up to be shared with Facebook, Flickr, or Dropbox.
System Requirements:
This application is compatible with all Windows 8, Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2000, Me, NT4, 98SE, and 95. The minimum memory requirement for the application is 64 MB, while the required Hard Drive space is 80 MB. Compatible with all versions of Windows Media Player.
The Image Collector Portable Current Version:
The current version of the application is
What’s New in This Release:
New features include:
– Theme Installation: Viewers are now automatically added to the selection panel, and by installing a new theme you’re able to have access to a different set of viewers.
– Related category functionality is now available on the main application window. This is a feature that was previously only available on the category selection window.
– A category now contains a total of two images so the category is now complete.
– An update to the method by which the large image viewer is loaded. The viewer will now be loaded from a file directly rather than being in the application itself. This makes the application more reliable because it won’t run out of memory.
– Several minor bugs were fixed.
The developer of The Image Collector Portable:
The developer of this product is Jonny Gournay and it was published and sold under GPL license.
The Image Collector Portable Download Link:

The Image Collector Portable Reviews:

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