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Supported Item Types:
Word File
Rich Text File

Supported Item Fields:
Revision (Version)
TcxID (Technical Transaction ID)
Status History

Language File Description (Required):
LangId (Current language can be hard coded)
LangName (Current language)
Language Code (From language codes.txt file)
Language Name (From language names.txt file)

Supported Item Formats:
Example Set – Raw (MS Word or Rich Text)
Example Set – File-Attached (TXT)
Example Set – Filing (MS Word Template)
Example Set – Image-Attached (JPEG)
Example Set – Per-Line (CSV)
Example Set – Multipart (ZIP)
Example Set – Text (HTML)
Example Set – XHTML (HTML)
Example Set – XHTML-Attached (HTML)
Example Set – HTML (HTML)
Example Set – HTML-Attached (HTML)
Example Set – TextWithMetadata (HTML)
Example Set – TXT (TXT)
Example Set – Unicode (Unicode)

Supported File Formats:
Example Set – File Attached (TXT)
Example Set – File Attached (RTF)
Example Set – File Attached (UTF-8)
Example Set – File Attached (TULP)
Example Set – File Attached (TAPI)
Example Set – File Attached (DTA)
Example Set – File Attached (KWS)
Example Set – File Attached (ASCII)
Example Set – File Attached (OLDASCII)
Example Set – File Attached (TADS2)

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1. Easy to Use
2. Handuy – Just add data.
3. Very Fast Search
4. Create and Update a Database
5. Supports all popular browsers.
6. Prints selected records
7. Supports up to 10 languages per record
8. Includes searchable fields
9. Can import and export data
10. No Programming required
The Translation Database
While you use this software to create your translation database, keep in mind that it is designed as a one-page application. It operates in two modes: entering data via a record form and choosing from a file of forms to enter data. It is not a database design application – it is a database application designed for the purpose of entering and entering data – it will accept and present any type of data that you would enter in a typical database application.
Using the Translation Database
If you intend to be using the Translation Database for an extended period of time, you will want to install your data into a database. This is rather easy to do – just type in the following command: import records.xml
Now, let’s say you have just been given a batch of forms to enter data into – simply import the batch of forms using a filename of some kind – e.g. import When you open the batch in the Translation Database, you will see a number of records:

However, the user interface may not allow you to enter all of this data, which is why you may choose to store the data in an external database. In this case, you may wish to use the command: export records.xml. You may then import the data you wish to enter into the Translation Database using the command: import records.xml.
NOTE: A database is a collection of data that is structured and organized. While the Translation Database supports the creation of a database, it is designed to work with existing databases. The data you enter into the Translation Database is stored in a file that you will download, and will be imported and stored into the database you are using. If you use this software to create a database then it will import your data. If you are importing data from an external database, you should remember that it will only import the data stored in that database. You will need to create records in your own database, and export the records from

Translation Database

Select a language
Click for details
You can select any of the following for each field:

Automatic translation (also referred to as machine translation)
Manual translation

This will open a separate window with these details:

Auto translation
You can select one or more languages to which the auto-translation will apply:

Auto Translates




The translation words will be displayed on the right side.

You can define a list of registered users who will have access to
their own data on this form.
The system will assign each user an
The system will assign each user a title.
This is a unique system generated ID.
Author Name
This is the name of the user. Please enter it as well as their ID and the following title.
Please enter the author name. If not filled in automatically, it will be automatically typed in.
Please enter any notes on this book.

Free translation
You can select one or more language of your choice

There is some system generated ID.

Edit the Display Form
Here is a more detailed view of the form

You can choose from the following fields:

Author Name
Auto Translation
Manual Translation
Author ID
Date Published

Free Translation
Author Name

Location (optional)

Press save and enter data.

Open a saved form
Open a saved form
This opens the form on a new tab

Errors with the Database
If you experience an error when accessing a database, please use this site to notify the database creators of the errors
or send us an email. (Note: It is the
responsibility of the database
creator to notify you of any errors.)
Warning: If you experience errors after saving a database, you may need to close and then reopen it. Please note that you will lose any changes you made after you save the database.

If you want to report an error please contact ‘’ and

What’s New In Translation Database?

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System Requirements:

OS: Windows XP / Vista / 7 / 8 / 8.1
Processor: Intel Pentium 4 1.5 GHz
Memory: 1 GB
Video Card: Intel/NVidia / ATI/AMD
Hard Drive: 3 GB available space
Internet: 50 Kbps Internet connection
Courier Service: Yes, I accept
Note: This game requires a subscription to the Xbox Live Arcade and Microsoft Games for Windows Live network services.
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