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After a new release, the Alpha version of the upcoming CAzBox S1.5 software is now available. You can download the installer from this page or directly from the button below:

The new version features the following functionality:

four different menu’s can be configured (Favourite, Default, Devices, Search)

three new default values (Input, Output, Filter)

a new clock

a better display for filter settings

improved filter dialog

three new filter types (Super LFO, EQ, VCA)

and more

Download here:

CAzBox S1.5 Alpha (v1.5.11)
(Windows Installer)

CAzBox is a software synthesizer designed to share analog keyboard and patch storage, offering a unique user experience. It is designed for live use and can be run from a CD/USB stick.

This version is based on latest patching technology. The patching engine has been improved. Several new patches and a real-time virtual instrument are part of the new release. Audio and MIDI files are rendered during patch editing thanks to a new internal DSP engine. An all-new real-time mix and master panel, based on multiple instances, can be used to mix an unlimited number of sources.

CAzBox Pro Audio Sequencer Release v1.5.11
(Windows Installer)

The new version brings several new features such as track markers, real-time recording, new real-time modulation and filter types, a new clock, a new mixer and improvements to the default UI. You can create your own custom presets and use one or more MIDI keyboard banks. One- and two-voice synthesizer patches are now available with several additional real-time automation.

CAzBox Pro Record Release v1.5.11
(Windows Installer)

The new version is now available for purchase. It is a complete upgrade of the previous version with new tools, such as dual real-time control, new real-time modulation, a new VCA and several other newly designed and implemented patches, as well as improvements for all the default audio and MIDI parameters.

After the good feedback received by the previous release, the updated version is now available for purchase.

A new version with several new improvements, such as real-time control, and a new channel mode, is now available.


Virtual Audio Cable 4.04 Free (2022)

The application allows you to playback your iTunes Music Library.
Have an easy time switching between music, photos, and videos.
You can even watch movies and photos straight from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad!

Add to Home Screen:
– You can move an application to your home screen, making it appear there without relaunching it.
– You can also add the app to your favorite list, using the Share Screen feature.
Play Music:
– Play any song on your iPod, iPad, or iPhone.
– Use your iPod shuffle as a speaker.
– Create playlists
– Search with Genius
– Use AirPlay
– Sync playlists
– Hide a song or playlist from your library.
View Photos:
– Select photos from your library or from your camera roll.
– Randomly view photos.
– Create albums
– Share photos.
– Play the slideshow.
– View all photos from your camera roll.
– See if an image is selected or not.
View Videos:
– Play videos from your library or from the internet.
– Create playlists.
– Watch videos on your iPhone, iPod, or iPad, with AirPlay.
– Overlay subtitles on videos.
– Randomly view videos.
– Browse your video library.
– Share video.

iPad cannot access the contents of your SD card. Please use the camera or reset iPad if you need to use the SD card.

– Improve the performance of SSD disk-drive.
– Support the compatibility mode for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.
– Improve the stability.

Updated iPad will notice this app.

Fix bugs.

Thank you for using this app.

Known Bugs

Some users’ iPad cannot access the contents of your SD card. Please use the camera or reset iPad if you need to use the SD card.

– Improve the performance of SSD disk-drive.
– Support the compatibility mode for 32-bit or 64-bit Windows.
– Improve the stability.
Updated iPad will notice this app.
Fix bugs.
Thank you for using this app.

There is an issue where the app’s icon and splash screen sometimes show up as black.

– Add an option to restore the app’s icon and splash screen.
– Add a bug report option.

App Improvements

– Add an option to restore the app’s icon

Virtual Audio Cable 4.04 License Key Full

Virtual Audio Cable provides a solution to all your audio problems. With the help of this application, you can connect and disconnect digital audio signals or even change the source device location. Virtual Audio Cable is efficient and fast-running software solution. This audio cabling tool features a user-friendly interface. Virtual Audio Cable has got few functionalities and options. You can easily create and apply multiple virtual audio cables. This application proves to be very useful for all kinds of audio productions and sound measurements. This Audio software is characterized by providing a set of specific virtual audio cables to the users. You can configure the software according to your choice. Virtual Audio Cable can handle the digital audio streams sent by the users using the software through the process of mixing. The virtual audio cables created by this software can be set to receive audio from other applications or audio devices. You can also import the audio streams into Virtual Audio Cable by using the application’s import tool. The sound files that you can import into the software are digital audio files. Adding of the audio source device into Virtual Audio Cable can be done using the application’s device manager. No additional installation is required to install the application on the computer system. The features and functionalities of the software are easy to understand and can be accessed easily. The functions of the software also include live monitoring. You can view the audio quality settings of a specific virtual audio cable. You can select the virtual audio cable and use the set parameters for analyzing the settings. This application allows creating multiple virtual audio cables and even lets you change the source device location. You can create multiple audio devices for receiving audio signals from other virtual audio cables. This application allows you to set the recording volume in a desired level. You can generate virtual audio cables and apply them to the computer system. It is important to mention here that the audio tools that you can create by this tool are of high quality. Virtual Audio Cable allows you to apply the virtual audio devices which you have created. You can select the recorder device and observe the internal settings. You can remove and add a virtual audio cable to the device. The software uses the default settings to the virtual audio cables created by the user. This application is a great tool for creating audio applications. Virtual Audio Cable works smoothly on Windows and Mac versions of the software. Virtual Audio Cable is compatible with Windows operating systems. The audio application is compatible with the following platforms: Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Me, Windows 98,

What’s New in the Virtual Audio Cable?

Virtual Audio Cable is a multimedia driver designed to connect one or more audio applications in order to transfer audio streams between them.
This software tool introduces the ‘virtual cables’, which refer to a set of virtual audio devices containing input and output ports. Practically, the input port records the audio signal (from a music player, for example) and sends it to the destination program (such as a sound processor or analyzer) using the output port.
Seemingly simple, yet tricky options
Once you install the driver, you are able to access its control panel in order to configure the working parameters. While the customizatin process might seem easy due to the organized interface, making the application work is quite a challenge. Therefore, before starting, it is strongly recommended to go through all the documentation carefully.
Add and examine cable information
Some of the displayed parameters concern the driver, while others refer to each cable. The first item you can change is the number of virtual cables created by the program. Adding a new one displays a new item in the monitoring pane. You can view the number of detected streams and change the worker thread number and priority.
Personalize some advanced settings
On the other hand, there are various other parameters to configure for each cable. Setting the maximum instances number, the sampling rate and bits per sample range and the channel number are just some of the options that you can modify according to your preferences. You can also enable the stream buffer watermark, volume control, as well as channel mixing.
When the configuration process is over, you need to open an audio producing program that allows you to choose a playback device. The Audio Repeater application is the one that does the actual transfer, from the recording port to the other audio device. If more than one application sends audio streams to Virtual Audio Cable, the driver mixes the signal together.
Although it can be definitely qualified as hard to use, Virtual Audio Cable promises to pass the audio signal with no quality loss and can prove handy once you get the hang of it.
Features list:

Audio stream transfer through virtual audio cables

Multilangual user interface

Configurador de Audio 2 audio connections virtual según los usuarios

Virtual audio cable driver

Múltiples configuraciones de audio

Seguimiento de la traducción


Aumenta la velocidad del audio

Busca de audio

Driver Audio

System Requirements For Virtual Audio Cable:

– Windows XP SP2 or higher, Windows Vista SP2 or higher, Windows 7 SP2 or higher, Windows 8 SP1 or higher
– Dual core or higher processing power
– minimum of 2GB of RAM
– DirectX 9.0c compatible video card with 1GB of RAM
– 16 GB of available space on hard drive
– Wi-Fi Internet connection
– Multi-select to turn/switch the effects on and off individually
– One Shot per session – so you can simply shut it