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Virtual Painter Deluxe V5.0 .rar

Nowadays, there are some games that cannot be called a clone, as they actually try to build upon the original by adding a few features, such as a new control scheme for a first-person view, as in the case of Bionic Commando Rearmed. This, however, is a simplistic approach, and Virtual Stupidity is one of those few games that work so incredibly well, without using any features other than the ones present in the original.

Still, if you find Virtual Stupidity is too talkative for you, two more unofficial titles for the Game Boy exist: Insecticide II (also known as Bobober) and Ninja Dood It (also known as Donkey Kong). Both games are story-light, and can be found at and , respectively. Luckily for you, the sites contain the excellent portals to the games, so you don’t have to download them from the Internet.

As a third option, there’s Virtual Stupidity for the Game Boy, which is a complete port of the main game (as opposed to the PAL version, which requires inputting a cartridge ID into the console) with graphics (albeit a bit blurry) and a few new items (see,167582 for screenshots). The game is largely a perfect replica of the main game, but does have a few minor differences: 1) the coin spin-offs from the main game are fully unlocked; 2) the last level on the main game can only be accessed by using the character with the highest score (instead of finding the keycard); and 3) the less-than-entertaining Insecticide II game shows up and can be downloaded through the cartridge slot. Take your pick.