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Our list of language translation applications for Android is out of control, and this time, we have selected a much larger bunch of the best android language tools that you can try right now. The selection was done based on the quality of the app, its usability, and the user feedback.
Our goal is to provide a huge list of the best Android language tools which will allow you to get better acquainted with the native language and improve your vocabulary and knowledge. So, keep reading the post and try our best Android language applications list.
Language Tools for Android Apps

To enable you to go through all the apps in our list, we have created a table with the same data, so that you can save some time. If you can’t see the apps you like the most in our list, please write to us at
You can also try our best Android apps page.
Best Learning Android Apps
Our best list of language learning apps for Android is a great choice for people who want to improve their English or other languages. There are a lot of applications to choose from, and we decided to leave no stone unturned in finding the most popular.
From dictionaries and grammar guides to apps for translation and learning, these are the best learning Android apps to improve your vocabulary and knowledge of any language.
This post will show you the best Android learning apps that we found on the AppBrain website.

Use these Android language learning apps to improve your vocabulary and learn the language.
To learn more about the tools and features that each app has to offer, continue reading our article.
1. English To Android (US Edition)

English To Android has been tested and confirmed safe to use. The language learning application offers you over 12,000 words and expressions translated to English. The dictionary is provided by Bing, so you can have a look at what the translation actually means and know that you are learning correct terms.
The application has a list of useful links which can help you learn English faster. For example, you can check out the Anki app, which is a popular spaced repetition learning method for memorizing terms.

2. Q&A Android App

As the name of the app suggests, you can ask questions to native speakers and have them provide you with answers. This is quite different from other applications on our list, which are more intended for language learners.
The native English speakers will respond to your questions and give you an appropriate translation in their own

Visual Dictionary [Mac/Win] [Updated] 2022

– Multilingual with over 9,000 high-resolution images of clothes, plants, animals, people, musical instruments and transportation.
– Can be used with all major languages.
– Attracts attention even with minor photos.
– Less than 100KB.
– No traces left in Windows Registry.
– Clean uninstallation.
– Universal image archive with no special prerequisites for different languages.
– 16 languages available.
– In the English version, over 2,000 words are offered.
– English and Spanish versions.
– You can add English or Spanish words to the dictionary.
– Supported for Windows 9x, Me, NT and 2000.
– By default, the English version of the program can be set as the default language.
– Offers a lot of free extras:
– The English dictionary of 3,038 words with the image of the word with a sample sentence.
– The English and Spanish dictionary as a clipboard shortcut.
– The English and Spanish dictionaries, dictionary of translations and English lyrics, as well as the Spanish and English notes.
– The English dictionary, the Spanish dictionary and the definitions in the image file as a help file.
– If you activate it, it will help you keep the English words in the memory.
– You can save words to the text file.
– You can set the number of words you want to store.
– You can set the number of entries for each category.
– An auto-renewed dictionary.
– Use a calendar and time management.
– Voice recognition for the user’s benefit.
– Many other features.
– After the update, the application asks for administrative rights before launching.
– If you launch the English version of the program with the Spanish version of the program in the same folder, the Spanish dictionary will be added to the English dictionary.
– The English and Spanish dictionaries are compatible with the PC.
– It supports all Microsoft languages.
– It supports the default Windows language.
– It supports the RTL languages (Arabic, Hebrew, Turkish, Urdu and so on).
– Supports Arabic, English, English with American accents, English with British accents, English with Australian accents, English with New Zealand accents, English with South African accents, English with Swedish accents, English with Taiwanese accents, English with German accents, English with French accents, English with Norwegian accents, English with Dutch accents, English with Belgian accents, English with

Visual Dictionary With Registration Code

Visual Dictionary is a program to help learn English. Like a photographic dictionary or a verb conjugator, it uses a visual mode to help the user learn new vocabulary. Visual Dictionary also has the advantage that the user can create his own dictionary with his own words.

Visual Dictionary has two parts:

A TOWER of categorized information:

Basic English words
The computer dictionary
Advanced English words

The second part is a dictionary which the user can modify.

Both parts work in a mode that is almost like a photographic dictionary. The user can click on a word and see all the information on the corresponding level.

Visual Dictionary allows you to add words and phrases which are new to you and which are not yet in the program.

The tower also includes a dictionary of images. This is very important in order to give the user a better impression of the English language. Words in Visual Dictionary are accompanied by a short image (1×1 cm).

The objects in the images are indicated by several lines. This can help the user understand at once if a word is an object or a verb, and which objects are needed to describe a verb.

All the information you have will be saved in the computer dictionary, where you can create your own dictionary with the words you have already mastered.

Visual Dictionary has the possibility to search for information about an object in the world database.

If you have the same word in Visual Dictionary, you will see the information which corresponds to the word. You can also set Visual Dictionary to look for the information when you press the keys: ESC+2, ESC+3, etc.

Visual Dictionary was designed to learn English.

You can adjust the program to your own needs.

Visual Dictionary was created by Gunther Gravelbourg, a professional teacher and developer, and belongs to the Gravelbourg Group.


Visual Dictionary is a good educational software for improving your vocabulary in English, especially when dealing with specialized vocabulary. The program aims at helping English native speakers, as well as English students to find the most common vocabulary of any subject, thus creating a guidebook. It is suitable for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Visual Dictionary is a good software tool to help English native speakers and English students to improve their vocabulary.


In this demo video you can see a list of words that can be found in this

What’s New in the?

Visual Dictionary will teach you the most important words used in any field of science, medicine or technology. You will be able to learn these words in everyday life, while they are related to your field of expertise.
The application allows you to select words in two ways: by searching for a certain keyword or by having the dictionary “learn” these words. The software will select random words from a large database and display them to you. You can choose one or more words to study. You can enter your own words to study and store them in the software. Or you can select some of the more than 700,000 pre-built words.
In addition to the database of scientific words, the software also includes over one million words that you can use for free. In addition, you can also download audio files that you can listen to when you are studying.

Integrated utilities:
Visual Dictionary provides many useful tools that help you enhance your English skills in the shortest possible time. This includes:

• A large, built-in dictionary and a calculator for converting measurements.
• A definition window that can be used in any application by double-clicking any word.
• An auto-completion feature that suggests possible words when you start typing.
• The ability to view a word in its original form and in a special reduced form, where letters and syllables are taken out.
• A grammar checker.
• TTS voices (voice activated) that allow you to listen to words spoken by different types of people.
• A built-in spell-checker.

How to learn a new word:
Visual Dictionary tries to make learning new words as simple as possible. If you have the word you want to learn in a printed form, just enter the word into Visual Dictionary’s dictionary window. The software will scan the printed word and present you with a brief definition and the audio pronunciation of the word.

Dictionary search:
If you do not know the word you want to study, then you can use Visual Dictionary’s search function. A search for the word “New York” will display the following words in the order in which they appear on the left of the window:

The English language:
Visual Dictionary offers you hundreds of thousands of words that are related to the discipline you choose to study. When you open a dictionary window, the window will automatically scroll down through the full list of words, so you can see the words that are currently selected. You can select any word by double-clicking it or by holding down the CTRL key and clicking the word. You can then click on any word in the window and display it on the right side of the window or, if necessary, in any other window. You can also click on any word in the window and display its definitions and audio pronunciation. You can access definitions of both the selected word and the other words in the window by holding down

System Requirements:

OS: Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10
Processor: 3.5 GHz or faster, Intel i5, Intel i7, or AMD equivalent
Memory: 6 GB or more of RAM (8 GB or more recommended)
Graphics: 1024×768 or higher, Nvidia GTX 660 or AMD equivalent
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Halo: Reach for PC gameplay will require an Xbox LIVE Gold membership and a broadband Internet connection.
Halo: Reach for PC requires the Windows 7 or higher operating system.