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Running the same kernel via a jar

I have multiple kernels of the same kernel class.
Each kernel has a constructor defined as:
public MyKernel(theStream theStream)

and they are all compiled as a single.jar file.
What I have so far is a Main method which runs the program:
public static void main(String[] args)
// theStream and theKernel are both initialized during instantiation
String theKernel = “Kernel Name”;
RunKernel theKernel = new RunKernel(theStream, theKernel);
theKernel.theStream.println(“Program Running”);

theStream.println(“Kernel Finished”);
theKernel.theStream.println(“Kernel Finished”);

And in one of these kernels I want to implement a thread which executes the Stream instance and Threads.
When I run the main method from the above example it outputs:
Program Running
Kernel Finished
Kernel Finished

What I want is:
Program Running
Kernel Finished
Kernel Finished

So basically, I would like each of my kernels to run in a different thread. (I’m not 100% sure that this is possible though.)
I was wondering if any of you could provide an outline as to how I could achieve this?


Add @Override to your Kernel#theStream.println method
public void println(String message) {

If this works, you won’t be able to override the println method defined by the parent class.

If you add @Override annotation to theStream class, and then add the following code to your Main,


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