XevaSoft Employee Manager is an application which can help you supervise your employees work. It allows you to stop your employees from going off-track when they are on computers(playing games, browsing non-work-related sites, chatting…etc) therefore increases their overall productivity.
XevaSoft Employee Manager is not only designed for enterprises and large institutes, it may also be used on small home network. With simple installations, XevaSoft Employee Manager allows you to see and control each computers within the network from a server machine in real time.
This includes viewing the current screen of each computers on the network, all keystrokes that each user has pressed and all websites visited. Additional controls are also available including shutting down/rebooting a remote client computer, logging off a specific user, displaying messages on client computer screen, locking down client workstation and executing certain files on client machine.









XevaSoft Employee Manager Free [April-2022]

The current version of XevaSoft Employee Manager Crack For Windows includes many improved features, including:
– Detect Internet Connection for each computers on the network
– Start/Stop web servers for each computers on the network
– Read/Write through FTP for each computers on the network
– Scripts for FTP, Email, Windows NT, etc
– Log keystrokes/history for each computers on the network
– Control Remote Workstations via LAN or WAN
– Remote Shutdown/Reboot
– Remote Login (Active/Passive Mode)
– Remote Lock/Unlock
– Remote Unlock Password Functionality
– Very easy to be installed and use.
– Detailed Help & Support available

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XevaSoft Employee Manager Free Download

1.One user account – Administrator account
2.Use as a remote desktop solution: control the remote computer over the network.
3.Configurable: control many computers at once
4.Standard: complete and useful.
5.Comes as an installer (in order to install. Double-click the setup file to install XevaSoft Employee Manager on your computer. There is no need to extract the compressed installer to any directory prior to running the installer).
6.This version of XevaSoft Employee Manager supports English. Other languages may be downloaded and installed from User Manual.
7.XevaSoft Employee Manager License Key: 2015/9-0039-0848-7E7
8.Control the remote desktop with people.
9.Supervise people from your office.
10.Instantly check whether someone is using the computer.
11.Remote support
12.Show status and monitor usage.
13.Secure business environment.
14.Displays a list of websites visited
15.Logs keystrokes.
16.Monitor time spent on a client computer
17.Access shared folders.
18.Show messages on screen
19.Create new user accounts
20.Displays user profile
21.Show computer name
22.Help to improve user productivity.
23.Call your client computer remotely.
24.Watch online screen of remote computer.
25.Some capability.
26.Unlimited operation
27.Unlocked with Serial Number.
29.View the system state
30.Allow the actions
31.Intercept keystrokes from users.
32.Lists currently active users
33.Run file on the local computer
34.Allow system dialogs
35.Logs programs run
36.Allow different groups
37.Display login screen
38.Allow browsing and close tabs
39.Allow with page information
41.Play sound
42.Execute system commands and scripts
43.Show computer name
44.Access windows shared files
45.Capture new windows
46.Log off a specific user
47.Display user screen
48.Allow file system modifications
49.Show update status
50.Store profile information
51.Save passwords
53.Receive messages
54.Restart computer
55.Allow computer to lock
56.Administer computers
57.Forgot Password

XevaSoft Employee Manager Free Registration Code Free Download

1.Views the active screen of each client computer on the network in real time
2.Views each client keystrokes that have been pressed
3.Accesses each websites which the users visit
4.Restarts the remote client workstation
5.Logs off a user session
6.Shuts down the remote client workstation
7.Sends messages to the client workstation display
8.Locks down the client workstation
9.Executes certain files on the client workstation
10.Controls each client workstation from a centralized server in real time
11.Supports LDM, Win PE, Win Xp, Win 7, Win 8, and Win 10
12.Provides the ability to control multiple user sessions
13.Supports Windows Authentication, including Active Directory,
14.Supports Linux user accounts, local accounts, Domain Accounts, and more.
15.Supports Windows 2000, XP, 2003, 2008, 2012, and 2016
16.Supports Windows Server 2008, 2012, 2016
17.Supports all Microsoft Windows versions
18.Supports Windows 7, 8, and 10
19.Supports IP Address or FQDN(Fully Qualified Domain Name)
20.Supports IPv6
21.Supports RDP, VNC, and SSH
22.Supports multiple languages
23.Supports multiple monitors
24.Supports multiple screens
25.Supports remote administration with SSH and RDP
26.Supports mobile access with vncviewer
27.Supports post installation wizard installation
28.Supports dynamic updates
29.Supports FULL and LIMITED
30.Supports GUI and CLI
31.Supports X11 Forwarding
32.Supports 256 bit encryption
33.Supports Perl, Python, Ruby, PHP scripts
34.Supports configurable time intervals for each audit
35.Supports batch file scripting
36.Supports XML configuration
37.Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operation
38.Supports full 32-bit and 64-bit compiling
39.Supports VC++ 6.0, VC++ 6.1, VC++ 6.5, VC++ 6.9, VC++ 2003, VC++ 2008, VC++ 2010, VC++ 2012, VC++ 2015, VC++ 2017
40.Supports both 32-bit and 64-bit distribution
41.Supports object

What’s New In?

◆ Using Event log for remote monitoring
◆ Remote monitoring for each computer
◆ Each users activity must be monitored and recorded
◆ Remote Computer Lockdown
◆ More than 2000 Group Logical Entities
◆ Smart Search
◆ View All Keystrokes and Websites Visited
◆ Administrate workstation from remote
XevaSoft Employee Manager Features:
◆ Remote viewing and control of a specific workstation on the network
◆ Supervise and control client computer remotely
◆ Administrator may now manage workstation or server from a single centralized system
◆ Optimal system performance when it is connected to a large number of computers
◆ System monitor and reports
◆ Filter out the activities that you don’t want to see
◆ Set the filtering criteria
◆ Protection from the risk of data theft or misplacement
To learn more about XevaSoft Employee Manager product, visit
XevaSoft Employee Manager Free Download will allow you to manage all clients remotely from a single server.
This is fully ready and proven system and can even be used in a home network. It is highly configurable and easily integrated into corporate security infrastructure. You have an option to monitor all activities happening on client computers and even to lock down client computers remotely.
1. Choose the control option from the main menu
2. A new window will open where you will be able to select the control option
3. Selecting the control option will open up a window where you will be able to access all the available options. When you select the settings option, you will get an option to configure the settings for the particular control option.
4. There are 4 types of controls available in the system. You may select any of them and use them for monitoring the activities of the workstations.
5. These options include
* Client Screen: Client’s current screen will be displayed and is highly configurable. You can see the game applications, chat applications, websites visited by the user in the window and at any time. You can also stop the users from doing anything on the computer such as playing games, chatting, etc.
* Key Log: Keystrokes can be viewed in the log and you can even monitor the search history of the computer too. This is a highly configurable option.
* Web Browser: Access all websites

System Requirements For XevaSoft Employee Manager:

Requires a 4-core CPU and 8GB of RAM, and can be played by 4 players. The host has to be connected to the internet for multiplayer
Starting from the default game, you can toggle between the first and third person views, which provides a much closer look at what’s going on.
You have several play styles from being a speedy slippery character to a very slow but accurate shotgun wielding character. The play style you want to be can be selected from the controller menu.
You can now move the aim with the right stick to move